Who Created this Webpage, the App, and the Game?

The Developers of this project were: Alston Tobin, Justin Crowder, Christina Stephenson and Dmario Anderson.

Alston Tobin generated the idea of the water app and was in charge of what the buttons do and what they link to on the web page.

Justin Crowder was in charge of making the design of the web page, where everything goes the app.

Christina Stephenson was in charge of the keeping things in order of making the website and making the 'how much' page on the website. She also created the Water App.

Dmario Anderson was the game designer for the game along with Alson Tobin.

Ms.Leshell Hatley was the Boss and Instructor who taught us all information at Uplift, Inc., our SYEP host during the summer.



This project was one of our summer projects. None of us had programming experience before we started. We learned MIT App Inventor, HTML, CSS, and a bit of Javascript during our 6-week summer at Uplift, Inc. We learned a lot and had fun!