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Today’s Class (Feb.15.2011)

Today’s class wash pretty cool. I got there when everyone was in the eating area eating pizza. I had 4 cheese and pizza and a another spice i think it was a Philly cheese steak topping. The pizza was alright but i didn’t like the second choice. To drink i had a Coke, my favorite soda next to sprite. After we finished eating we went back to the class room and were told make a miniature app with the Scratch program. Most of the class didn’t get done with it so we’ll have to continue the work in the next class or try and do it at home on your own computer if you have scratch downloaded.

Awesome Moment Blog Girls High School Students Thoughts about Class

Working with Mackada

Today after we came into class, finish eating, cleaned up are area, Ms. Leshell had everyone pair up in teams and try to make three sprites introduce themselves using the program scratch. I was teamed up with Mackada, we made a alright team. We finished in time before the class was over but not fast enought to present it. But its fine, all on all I had an awesome time being at the clasd and working with mackada.

Awesome Moment Blog Computers General Girls High School Students Thoughts about Class

Laptops Finally

Today the Youth app lab finally received the laptops everyone was supposed to get since last month I think. Im sure everyone in the class was excited; because I sure was. The laptops were 15inch screen DELL laptops. They function pretty good, I liked them. Also we had a pre_test which had 30 to 31 questions. I was “almost” finished, I had to stop at question 20 since it was time for class to end. I always have fun at the class so you’ll probably never hear the bad feedback from me.

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My daily life

Since today didn’t have any class scheduled, i’m  going to tell you what my daily life is like. I start my day with my daily classes which include math, history, science, and writing. After I’m done all of that I usually go outside for some fresh air, but today I didn’t get to go outside due to me not being able to finish up in time. So I stayed in after and just chilled. All in all I had a pretty good day.

Awesome Moment Blog Girls High School Students

Being back in class

I havent been in class for about three weeks. The first two were due to school break, the last was because I was sick for a period of time; i’m gladly back and running. I was still a bit sick but I managed to pull threw. Today we got one step closer to making an app, learned new vocabulary and new concepts using scratch. Also finally got my word press password back, it seemed like I didn’t want to blog but that wasn’t the case. I’m happy to be back in class again cause I have to say I really missed it. I can’t wait until we start using app inventer to start making are apps.