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Two Full Weeks with Android Phones

So, it’s been exactly two weeks since everyone in class was given Cricket Ascend Android phones.  I’ve heard and read about a huge range of thoughts and was happy to read student app reviews.  I’d now like to ask a few questions and get everyone thinking about your own app ideas.  I’m delighted to know that some of you have been thinking on your own outside of class assignments.   You guys rock!

Over the next few days/weeks, I’d like everyone to answer a set of questions here, as a comment to this blog post, and a few more you can answer individually in your own blog posts.  Some of these questions are easy to answer, while others will require some reflection.

If you have questions about any of this, please be sure to ask me and/or Mr. Marco soon!

Have fun with the reflections and answers to these questions!

-Ms. Leshell

QUESTIONS TO ANSWER HERE (via comments to this post):

1.  How many apps have you installed on your phone?

2.  How many apps have you checked out and uninstalled?  If you’ve uninstalled any apps, why?

3.  What is your favorite app so far and why?

QUESTIONS TO ANSWER IN YOUR OWN POSTS/Google Document (be sure to review the links as well):

1.  What does it feel like to be a thumb away from the internet and a huge selection of apps that you choose to install and use?

2.  Cell phones are the only way some people have access to the internet.  Research shows that African-Americans and Latinos use the web via mobile phones more than others.  Now that you’ve lived with these devices for two weeks, is there any particular app that you think is needed?  Describe it in a blog or google docs (so no one reading can take your ideas).

3.  Read everyone’s blog post/answer to the above question (#2) and pick someone to work with over the next several weeks.  Your task is to use Google docs to work on a the design of a new app.

4.  Try the ‘Engadget’ app and write a review about it.  Share your thoughts on why you think I have assigned this particular app to review and what is beneficial about it, especially as a Youth APPLab student.

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Postin from my phone and numbin the brain

Hey everyome as uou may all know I am postin from my phone so please excuse some of my mistakes.

Well, it’s been around 2 weeks since we recieved our phones and I have already taken a liking to this phone. I just really wanna know: why there is no multi-touch? This phone could be almost top tier if it had multi touch and a better service provider (cough cough).

Last class we had an interesting discussion with Mr. Marco about his job. Turns out he and my sister work for the same company! Was very surprised to hear about the clearance tests which my sister told me alot.about and was nice to know that he loves what he does and can find time to give in helping us learn a little more about programming. Also Roi and I decided to take on the task of the next presentation for GIMP so by next class I should habe one done and ready to

Lastly before i foreget there is a game app for the phone that I want everyone to check out. The game is called Alchemy. In the beginning you srart out with 4 basic elements water, fire, wind and earth. You drag each element onto each other to form new ones. There are over 330 elements to create from arables to zombies! I think everyone will like it and as I have been addicted so will u.

Blog another day,

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Yusra’s 5th APPLab Day


   Well, today was a pretty interesting day. I came to the class with the expectation of developing new ideas for our (my team) Game Informer app we plan to design sometime next year. Also, I thought I’d have to do a presentation in front of the class with Hamza (one of my team mates) on how to use the WordPress app on the Android phone, but no.
Instead today’s class was about what metadata was, how to properly blog on, and a disappointing incident that happened last week. And has affected our starting Tuesday’s class, which pretty much sucked. I was tired through out the class but I managed to stay awake, so it all worked out.

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5th Day at Class

Todays class was good. We went over concepts that we went over in previous classes. We learned about blogging and how to use the WordPress website to login and to submit blogs. We were given a possible reason as to why Alice wasn’t working on some of the computers. We were given an assignment to find out how did Haiku relate to our classes. This is what I came up with, “I think I know how it relates to class. In a haiku poem, there is a set guideline or way to write the poem. In programming, there is also a set way to write the program. So in a way, programming is like poetry. Both programmers and poets have to “create” what they want their peice to do, but have to do so within the confinements of the language(haiku, java, alice, etc.), and they use creativity to do so.” We came up with I’m looking forward to next class.


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