Student Apps

Below are screenshots of some Youth APPLab apps (in no particular order) created and presented on Demo Day.   App ideas and their implementations are the intellectual property of Uplift, Inc. and the students who created them.

Many of these apps are currently on the Android Market available for download and install.  Click the logo to check them out now!




Youth APPLab Book Pricer

This app allows the user to search for Amazon book prices by searching the book’s title or ISBN number. It also saves your searches for future reference.

By: Muhammad Hawkins, Rising 9th Grader (male)








App Inventor Tutorial App

This app provides a tutorial of how to use app inventor. It takes the user through each app inventor component and gives tips and tricks of how to use it. The Google App Inventor team is very impressed with the idea of this app.

By: Nathan Evans, Rising 11th Grader (male)







Color Tap App

Color Tap is a game where the user has to tap the color which appears at the top (left). As game play progresses, the circles change size and move faster. At time, more circles appear on the screen. The user scores points as they successfully tap on the indicated colored circle.

By Hamza Hawkins, Rising 12th Grader (male)







Go Knights! App

The Go Knights! app pays tribute to the Knights Girls’ basketball team. It contains a photo gallery of the 2010-2011 basketball season and a message from the author to her teammates and her coaches.

By: Danielle Johnson, Rising 9th Grader (female)







Arabic Numbers App

Arabic Numbers is an app that shows the user the Arabic symbol of which ever number tapped on screen from 1-10.

By: Ali Hawkins, Rising 3rd Grader (male)








Egyptian Deities App

Egyptian Deities teaches users about the Egyptian Gods and Goddess. It tells their names, origins, and shows a picture of each Deity. They coming upgrade will show a map of the connections between them.

By: Kweku Sumbry, Rising 9th Grader (male)









RoboBreak is a game which uses the phone’s accelerometer and challenges players to break the robot in the least amount of hits along the wall as possible. Each hit breaks a piece of the robot. Upper levels get harder. We later changed this to feature the Youth APPLab logo.

By: Yusra Laster, Rising 10th Grader (female)







Eureka! App

The Eureka app allowed users to store ideas in various formats – text, images, and sound. Users could then select friends from their contact list to share the ideas with via text msg or simple chatting and they could do the same – creating a social network of idea generators.

By: Djani Davis, Rising 8th Grader (male)







Travel Teaching App: Letters & Numbers Editions

Travel Teaching is the second iteration of an app that teaches users how to say letters in four different languages. This version teaches numbers. It is intended for kids and allows them to trace the letter/number as well as listen to sound file of each. It was changed to numbers after realized that App Inventor could not handle tons of sound files.

By: Afia Tyus and Deanna Moore, Rising 8th Graders (both female)






Sneaks on Feet App

Sneaks on Feet is an app that shares information about brands of sneakers. It shows upcoming release dates, the history of each brand, and allows the user to rate each shoe.

By: Bryant Rather, Rising 11th Grade (male)






Global Skatepark Positioning System! App

This app maps all the skateboarding parks in DC. It shows the user images of each park, gives directions from the users position (detected by the phone’s GPS –location- sensor), provides detailed hints about the park (e.g. which parks are frequented by cops), and allows user feedback of the parks. The intent is to collect data about all skateparks when designed.

By: Emmanuel Kolawole, Graduating HS Senior (male)






Super Smarts App

Super Smarts App is designed for children who are learning the English alphabet. The app shows the letters from A-Z allowing users to trace them, and says the letter along with a word that starts with that letter. Faith created the sounds in Garage Band and altered her voice to sound kid-friendly.

By: Faith Slaughter, Rising 8th Grader (female)
*An entertaining video of Faith and her mom testing her app can be found here –






Human Body Parts App

The Human Body Parts app is also designed for kids and teaches them about their body parts (e.g. eyes, nose, knee, elbow). This app will later be changed to use Myles & Ayesha, characters featured in another project by Uplift, Inc.

By: Shakira Graves, Rising 11th Grader (female)







Accepted! App
The Accepted app was created by three graduating seniors. The intent is to provide tips of what one should do to prepare to apply for, get accepted to, and head off to college. This app is a favorite of many Youth APPLab visitors.

By: Ke’von Miles, Roi Momo, and Anthony Ugorji, all Graduating Seniors (all male)
*All accepted to college and either majoring or minoring in Computer Science, fall 2011.






*One female student (rising 9th grader) was unable to finish her app due to an unexpected trip out of the country.


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