Hello readers! After being in this competition that was really draining, but worthwile as I won an internship, I didn’t have the energy to blog. After my week long rest, here is my return. I miss blogging and I’m ready to get back in to it! Whew, so where do I start? Ok, Black Enterprise […]

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The Radio Interview

Today I woke up at 7am expecting not to make it to the Dyson Show radio interview because the day before I told Miss Leshell I couldn’t make it due to transportation. Fortunately I woke up to a message saying that she could pick me up from my house. That worked out pretty well with a few […]

Student Apps

Below are screenshots of some Youth APPLab apps (in no particular order) created and presented on Demo Day.   App ideas and their implementations are the intellectual property of Uplift, Inc. and the students who created them. Many of these apps are currently on the Android Market available for download and install.  Click the logo […]

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Black Enterprise TV – Slice of Life – Profile Screening

It was an amazing opportunity and after 2+ hours or interviews (me, Mr. Marco – my co-instructor, parents, Uplift’s Board Chair – Crystal Swann, and students), my story has been officially recorded on film for public consumption for the first time ever. It was an awesome experience!

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Today was a good day I started to work on my app but Mr.Marko told me to do a tutorial today. So I worked on that and had help by Yusra today on the phone call. I thinked her today & now when I get home I have to finish that & the rest of […]