Yusra | 15 | United States

I’ve been a YouthAppLab participant for about , hmm, 5 – 6 months now? It’s been fun learning to program apps and learning different programming terms. I have learned a lot, for example I was at a different programing event and we had to read a problem and solve it. On that paper I saw the word “Pseudo-Code”. I would have never know what that word meant before coming to YouthAppLab, so I believe I have learned a lot here. It has given me a lot of opportunities. And I think it’s funny how Miss Leshell (Class teacher) and Mr.Marco (Co.Teacher) try to break me out of being “shy”….lol thanks guys, but for me that’s a great trait to have 🙂 Miss Leshell and Mister Marco are great programming teachers to have, they bring life and fun into the class. They’re not like some teachers who talk really, really slow and dull and make you want to sleep; they’re cool to be with. Every class with them has been fun and educational. Also the students in that class are pretty cool everyone brings a little something to the class to make it what it is now.

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