My name is Ke’von. I am a current senior at the Thurgood Marshall Law Academy Public Charter High School. I was born and raised in N.W. Washington, DC in the Shaw/LeDroit Park neighborhood. My current plan in life is to graduate from high school and to go on and pursue a higher education. I am currently looking into majoring in Political Science or Kinesiology, with minors in Islamic Studies and Computer Science. I have been accepted to a number of Universities, including: Morehouse College, Howard University, The University of Connecticut, The Pennsylvania State University, St. John’s University, The University of Delaware, The University of Vermont, The Virginia State University, and Lincoln University. Attending college is exceptionally important to me, because I understand the need and the importance of having a higher education in this day and age. Pursuing my higher education is important to me because I want to be able to come back to my community, and give back everything that was provided for me. I want to be able to provide the same opportunities that I have been awarded to other young Black males like myself. I see it as “paying it forward”. There are very few or no positive role models in my community. Statistics prove that more Black men go to prison than they go to college.I feel as though that I am not only representing myself in my pursuit, but also my entire community. I am representing my family and friends that have lost their lives to the streets and senseless violence, and were not able to make it to where I am today. I also believe that I am apart of a generation were I have to be the change for the expectation of Black people, more specifically, Black men.

I have participated in a plethora of extra-curricular and academic programs over the last past 4 years of my high school career including: Operation Understanding DC, The Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute, Words, Beats, and Life, The Henry Authur Callis Alpha Phi Alpha Beautillion and Scholarship program, Dollars and Sense, and the list jut goes on! I also have a plethora of talents and interests. I find my biggest passion and talent in the Art’s. I am a musician, composer, producer, audio engineer, photographer, videographer, and poet. As a young boy, I attended the The Levine School of Music, where I developed my talent and passion for music. I play a number of instruments including the: trombone, trumpet, baritone, piano, keyboard, drum set, congas, and the timbali’s. In my love of the Art’s, a groups of my friends and myself created a group called Cloud IX Productions. Our purpose in the creation of Cloud IX Productions is to bring together a group of young people that possess skilled talents in the Art’s, and to provide an outlet along with the resources to express and further improve and develop of those talents. The talents stretch from lyricists, singers, poets, models to producers, photo/videographers, and graphic designers. I currently help organize a Youth Open Mic sponsored by Busboy’s and Poets. I am also an athlete along with my talents. I am currently the Captain of the Track and Field team at my high school, along with being an avid boxer and extreme cyclist.



Terrance Roberts from the Little Rock 9 and myself at my school.


In a jam session after school.


Mayor A. C. Wharton of Memphis, Tennessee with Operation Understanding DC’s Class 16 and myself.



My escort and I at the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Henry Authur Callis Beautillion and Scholarship program Ball.

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