Hey all! So here’s a little about me. I’m currently in high school, a junior. I love basketball. I love technology. I love smartphones. I want to go to college and study computer science.

I’m loving Youth AppLab! This program is giving me an opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve always been interested in technology, and more specifically smartphones. I feel that it’s hard to live without one. It has almost every feature that computers have. Being in Youth AppLab has inspired me and my brother to start a company, Snikwah Interactive. Here is our facebook and twitter page.

Here’s a poem I came up with…

When the App is Done

When the app is done, you look back, you see the hard work, the effort and you feel good about it and the experience feels similar.

See, first you had to plan it, just like when you play sports you plan to be fit.

After all the strategizing, you drink gatorade, getting ready for a game day.

See now you’re set and ready to go, let the syntax, let the skills flow. Enter parenthesis, punctuation, and semicolons to, let the crossovers, jumpers, and followthroughs show.

It’s 3 seconds left and you’re tired, you have the keyboard, the basketball.

This is your time to shine, your time to look sublime.

Put those symbols in your code, change your game so he won’t mold, 2 seconds left.

Check for those errors, forget the terrors. Check left and right, till there’s no fight. 1 second left.

Click save don’t hesitate, raise the ball and levitate. Click send let the judging begin, release the ball for the win.

What happened?

We have to wait and see.

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