Hi, my name is Faith.


YouthAPPLab is so cool!!!!!!  It teaches me how to do all these things I thought were much more complex.  Who would have thought a 13 year old girl like me has access to an app making program from her home computer!  If I can do it any kid can, but it can become a challenge.

I am being taught these methods on a linux machine.

P.S. I hate linux.

Although I strongly dislike this idea of using a linux instead of my regular mac it’s a good experience for me and I really need to come out of my mac comfort zone.  One day I’ll be a linux expert!

This is another reason why YouthAPPLab is so great!!!! YouthAPPLab teaches me all types of technology using different tools, giving me new experiences.  I’m learning new software, methods and terms.  So I will end on this note: I am not afraid of present or future technology…

BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!


So how is it going???…

I am now pretty much done with designing my app and am sadly still working on my tutorials for app inventor.  By the time I am completely done with my app design I want to have all my tutorials finished… hopefully.

Ms.Leshell gave me my phone!!! I am soooooo pressed! I also downloaded the most addicting game: Toss it!

Toss it is a game with several levels of simply throwing a paper ball into a trash can but there is a fan, a moving trash can and a discouraging lady yelling things at you in the background! you should download it too! lol

So what is my app about???…

For my app I am making a mini game or a series of games specifically designed to teach toddlers their ABC’s and simple words using pictures, pronunciation and spelling.  I thought of this because there really aren’t any apps (as far as I know) designed for younger kids to use so I decided to design one.  Maybe you’re wondering what if they don’t know how to use it because it’s too complex.  But…As I design this app I am thinking about these concerns and trying to make the operation of it as simple as possible.  I hope my app will be a very helpful early learning tool for younger children in the very near future!!!











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