Hi, my name is Djani (you can call me DJ)

Being a part of Youth App Lab means the world to me. I never thought that this would be possible in my lifetime. This experience brings new information to my attention. Learning about apps, is a life changing experience and once you learn it you could never forget it. The average person would be bewildered by the computer language that we are learning now. Creating apps for other people is just one of the things that we do here. We also create apps for the benefits of society overall, like the “Electronic Business Card App”

My App Ideas

One of the five app ideas I have is a poetic app. It involves a society of poetry, like the role playing on the computer, except on an Android phone. This app would need a lot of work and dedication to create the app itself and would take a lot of time. Some of the aspects of the app I’ve learned so far but others I’m still questioning. Another app I’ve thought of is more or less a strategy game that involves towers and enemies that walk along a path to a kingdom and try to destroy it but the only way to is to destroy the enemies with towers that specialize at destroying them with weapons. The name of the game type is towerdefence and it deals with that type of basis as you progress over the game the enemies get harder to kill and they get abilities and immunities. As you can see I have ideas it is just that my ideas just can’t be met until I get all of the essentials to make it. Another app idea is the idea app where you can socially express your ideas freely and have the idea recorded in a database, it has a recording, text, camera, and video aspect but for now some road blocks have postponed its progress. The last idea is the app I am currently working on. The Youth APPLab App, which tells what we do here who is in the program and there thoughts on it, a photo, highlights in the experience here, and our curriculum here at Youth APPLab.

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