Hey itsAfia!!!!!!!!!!!

I know Im awesome right ūüėČ
About Me:
Im in the 7th grade, I just turned 12 in february, and I go to Howard University Middle SchoolI have THREE younger sibling who get on my last nerves.  7,4, and 1.My favorite subject is math (people think im crazy).  I just won 3rd place in the city wide science fair and last year I won 1st place.  This year i tested to see if constant exercise effected the lung capacities of student with and without asthma.  Last year I tested the effects of caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol of the heart rate of a daphnia.
My App:

Deanna and I just figured out our app idea. ¬†Teaching kids their numbers and letters in different languages. ¬†(Haven’t gotten far but hey). ¬†Its going to have to offer different options for numbers, letters, languages, and tracing.App Inventor is at times really confusing. ¬†I’ve done 3 tutorials so far. ¬†Even though there really simple you have to do alot. ¬†But as I keep going the tutorials show me aspects that I should put on my app.Lets see where I get…

We had technical difficulties with our app half way through so we reduced our app to just numbers instead of numbers and letters.  Our app is now just Travel Teaching: Numbers Edition.

Extra Curriculer:

Right now Im working on a solar car with 3 other people in my group.  My teacher tells me I am a strong link unlike my other teammates.  We have gotten half way through with our car.  We have the main structure, gears, motors, and axils/wheel in.  All we have left is to build an extra compartment for the soda can as a challenge, make a smooth roof, and attach the solar panel.  It sound like more than it is.  But knowing my team it will be easy.  Im the new one this year and there are two veterans  who win at every competition.  So congradulate us in advanced cause I think we have a winner.  Also in previous years I have participated in robotics with Girls Inc. an after school program.  We won first place in team work and this year the team won the team work award again.

PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ūüėČ





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You’re doing great things. I’m impressed with your ideas and enthusiasm and the things you are doing with Youthlab. I’m actually talking with people in my city about trying to make an opportunity like Youthlab available here. So you are inspiring adults and kids halfway across the country and you didn’t even know it, LOL. Keep working hard and learning that math. Math and science are the keys to the kingdom. Learn those tools and the world is going to be yours.

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