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Hi, Im New!!!!!

My name is Faith and I just joined youth app lab!!!!!  I’m trying to catch up because I joined late and its working out so far.  The stuff we learn is really interesting.  Today I learned about the binary system.  I think that is so cool!!! One day I will be able to translate it by heart… kind of. lol

Today at app class i had barbeque pizza.  For everyone that hasn’t tried it because you never heard of it, think it looks “nasty”, ect… You are missing out and you have to try it!!!!!!!! omg

Also my computer will not turn on!!!!!!  I mean, it turns but then it loads to this page that says things like “Please wait while system processing” and “battery check…done”.  That done kills me because it really isn’t!  My computer loaded for the rest of class!!!  It’s a lier!!!!!!!!!!! grr


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