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Yusra’s Friday

My weekends basically start on Friday. All day I was playing video games and basketball, I had fun. I was really happy when I heard that it was snowing in some places, since my favorite season is Winter. Though it was really cold, I didn’t want to come back inside, but oh well, that what my day was like.

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Yusra’s 6th YouthLab Experience

Today we tried out a program called Sratch, it was alright. It’s not exactly what I expected, the Alice program was way better. I say that because on Scratch the characters hardly look like they’re actually walking or doing anything, but it was a fun experience to be there at/in the class with everyone. For some reason the same pizza we have every tuesdays and thursday tasted better today, i don’t know. And the WordPress app works fine for me I used it to type this blog up.

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Yusra’s 5th APPLab Day


   Well, today was a pretty interesting day. I came to the class with the expectation of developing new ideas for our (my team) Game Informer app we plan to design sometime next year. Also, I thought I’d have to do a presentation in front of the class with Hamza (one of my team mates) on how to use the WordPress app on the Android phone, but no.
Instead today’s class was about what metadata was, how to properly blog on, and a disappointing incident that happened last week. And has affected our starting Tuesday’s class, which pretty much sucked. I was tired through out the class but I managed to stay awake, so it all worked out.

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Today was pretty cool, I learned more about storage, computer processors, and binary. The night before I went to sleep late so it was I was kind of tired threw out the rest of the day. I made it through and I’m going to try and sleep earlier. Ha. That’s pretty much all i have on my mind right now. Bye