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Postin from my phone and numbin the brain

Hey everyome as uou may all know I am postin from my phone so please excuse some of my mistakes.

Well, it’s been around 2 weeks since we recieved our phones and I have already taken a liking to this phone. I just really wanna know: why there is no multi-touch? This phone could be almost top tier if it had multi touch and a better service provider (cough cough).

Last class we had an interesting discussion with Mr. Marco about his job. Turns out he and my sister work for the same company! Was very surprised to hear about the clearance tests which my sister told me alot.about and was nice to know that he loves what he does and can find time to give in helping us learn a little more about programming. Also Roi and I decided to take on the task of the next presentation for GIMP so by next class I should habe one done and ready to

Lastly before i foreget there is a game app for the phone that I want everyone to check out. The game is called Alchemy. In the beginning you srart out with 4 basic elements water, fire, wind and earth. You drag each element onto each other to form new ones. There are over 330 elements to create from arables to zombies! I think everyone will like it and as I have been addicted so will u.

Blog another day,