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Sorry im a bit late but no wifi at home and school blockin almost every blog spot makes my life tres difficile. Anyway, presssed to death over these new phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apps everywhere, limitless possibility and my Lord soooooo much fun!!!!!! day one after recieviiig the phone Momo and i went back and forth over what to download and even found something to help protect against viruses and other problems on phone. overall i love it………. well except for 1 or 2 things.. pretty big actually.  I despise the battery and the service!!!!!!!!! sometimes i lose service in the middle of the city and once in a while my battery starts to die as soon as i remove it from the charger and never lasts all day but i guess i can deal.  i find the look of the phone appealing to the eye but overall i see it as a 4 of 5 not perfect yet but we are gettin there!!!!!!!

Well It is almost 4 pm now and I am still at school and right now i am really  not liking the phone too much. I have tried sending Ms. Hatley a message via texting and I swear it isn’t sending because it doesn’t like me, but the again maybe it is everyone. So far my internet service with the phone has been ok though a bit slow but now it is not working at all and thats not really great for me when i need to look something up. O, yeah! I forgot I am at a computer right now…. really should pay attention more often. Well the next blog I am doing will probably be a vlog if i can and i have a few suggestions to aid in this. first i suggest taking a video with the Huawei, then afterwards post it to our youtube page so that both the blog and the youtube page will not be empty. blog later people!