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I have been laxed so it is time to take some initiative

Happy new year to all who have been reading! I know I have not be bloggin as much as I should so from now on my resolution for this new year is to post as often as possible. So right now im lookin at my least favorite subject and hating every second of it so I see this as the best time to blogg. I cant take a break from the pains of learning about mao zedong and the sino_soviet crisis and do some constructive venting. While i am bloggin from my phone I am starting to see that my thumbs are tending to move faster than the screen will permit so I usually end up with words I dont want. Well tis the time to get back to studying but before I do I have a question that has been eating at me for the past 2 weeks. Were we ever supposed to mess with the google app maker we had in our email from the get go? Because I downloaded the cat pic ans the meow ans the program but I dont think I openes it properly. Ill give it a try again really soon. Later people!