Change of idea

Some of you may know about my app, ForgetMeNots.  Well after an incomplete series of technical difficulties, I’ve decided that ForgetMeNots would be too much work for my given time frame. Instead I’m working on a much easier and quicker app that I’m calling the AI Tutorial. It’s going to be an app that teaches users how to use App Inventor. It’s going to include my previous app, teaching users how to use multiple screens, as a section. The overall skeleton of the app is complete. Now I just need to throw in some pictures and dress it up a bit and it should be ready for the market. That’s it so far but I may change some stuff around a bit.


Last Minute Change

On Thursday, I over heard Ms. Leshell and Bryant talking about his app. They were talking about the list picker tutorial. I decided to change my app to have the parts of the body listed and you click on the part you would like information on. After clicking the name of the body part you would like to know about, a picture and description of the body part shows up!


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so want to know what’s been going on huh? Well I’ve just been busy with various things, such as school work, festivals, and packing. I’ve had fun, I haven’t been to the class since last week I believe, so hopefully I get to come and see everyone next week. I’m done with my app all I need to do now is add a simple text to it and wala. Talk to you guys later !