Last Day ! ( Mixed Emotions Now )

This has been a long process, but I am so glad I chose to make it! I had so much fun making my app. It even make me laugh a little bit at all the good times that I had. ( with my basketball team, and with Youth AppLab ) I’m going to miss Youth ApLab. Thats Something I never thouught i would say, but as this day comes to an end i Hope to have fun ! Well thats all for now and i cant wait to present and Demo My App 🙂

Last Day! :(

As the long nine months has come to an end, I can PROUDLY say, I created an app! My app is totally finished. Youth APPLab was a great experience and showed me alot about myself. Ive learned to not procrastinate, and that when you are dedicated and determined you can do it! I feel honored because not everyday do you hear a sixteen year old high school studen mention that they can build or have built and app. I want to give a SPECIAL THANKS to Ms.Leshell and Mr.Marco for making this experience possible, also for dedicating their time and effort into helping High School students like myself. I would love to return next year, if possible. Being as though, I can make apps, I will continue to build them. I look foward to this summer and Demo day! 🙂

Last Day of Class

Hey its Afia and I’m excited to be finished with youth app lab because I finally have something to show for my work.  I actually wasn’t here for the last day of class because I was out of town but on wednesday I worked really hard and pretty much finished my app.  So hopefully it wont malfunction during demo day.