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Hey you all i have started on my app, it is going well. I do not know what to call this app but it should be cool. I think it will appeal to those who like clothes and shoes. But not just any clothers and shoes, i’m talking about h&m, or ralph lauren polo, or levis jeans, or zara jackets. These are pretty much all of the styles that us young washingtonians like shop for. So watch out for my new app.

Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas

I just finished fallout 3 the game last month and I’m so ready to get New Vegas the next chapter. It looks way better than the first and looks like it has a little more action. I’m a fallout fan because it’s a action/interactive game, which draws my attention the most in video games. You can take a look at how awesome it is yourself with this video.

November 17,2010

Today was a pretty good day! We had to eat a little bit later, but it was alright! Today in class I got my log in information today. I’m all ready to go now. Class was a little better than last class. I didn’t get bored today (no offense). We didn’t really get much done today because the computers were not working, and Alice was not running correctly. But we still got a lot done today ! Overall I enjoyed my class today ! Be back later ! =]

7th Day in Class

Today was another all right day today. I feel like every time we have snack we (the students and teachers) get closer. Like how we start talking about what phone we wanted to use and the apps game we have in plan of making. I also want to eat at subway because im getting tired of seeing pizza every single day. Or we should try starbucks. The phone I think we should get is a Droid 2 by Motorola.