Yusra’s 5th APPLab Day

   Well, today was a pretty interesting day. I came to the class with the expectation of developing new ideas for our (my team) Game Informer app we plan to design sometime next year. Also, I thought I’d have to do a presentation in front of the class with Hamza (one of my team mates) […]

Android Day!

Tonight’s class was exciting – especially for me because I knew I’d hand out Android phones by the end of class.  Marco said he felt like Santa Claus today and he, Howard, and I really did work like elves to get the phones documented and activated.  Clueless to all the activity down the hall the […]

App Design – Day One!

Tonight was the first time the students focused on designing apps.  They faces were filled with intrigue, but I can tell they were a bit hesitant and not sure of exactly what to do.  To help, I used a design technique that I created with colleagues at the University of Maryland called ‘Moving Panels.’  Some […]