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Yusra’s 6th YouthLab Experience

Today we tried out a program called Sratch, it was alright. It’s not exactly what I expected, the Alice program was way better. I say that because on Scratch the characters hardly look like they’re actually walking or doing anything, but it was a fun experience to be there at/in the class with everyone. For some reason the same pizza we have every tuesdays and thursday tasted better today, i don’t know. And the WordPress app works fine for me I used it to type this blog up.

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Thursday November 18, 2010- Youth AppLab

Today is the    5th    day of the youth aapplab and we learned about Alice .Alice is very fun and I understand it today before the other students got in I was making my own little story. I was supprised at first because I thought it would take me a while to learn about Alice.

So far the youth applab is funish