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Algorithms for our apps…

Today, we went over the algorithms for our apps. We listed every component of our apps, then started to describe its function. This is really useful. When we start coding our apps, we can look back to the algorithm to guide us through coding. I feel this is really useful when compared to just blindly coding. This way you have some kind of guidline to follow.

Looking forward to next class…..

good break, steamy weather, crunch time

Omg it’sOmg it os so HOT! First to class today and feelin ready. Got some new pictures over the break and everything is slowly but surely comming together. Today I read in an email that we have 2 months to complete our apps. I THINK that we all can get this done and by this I mean our indy projects done wayyyyy before then. Gonna try and b e cool until Ms. H gets here. Later bloggsĀ”!!!!

Honors assembly! Did it somehow!

sittimg in the middle of an honors convocation and feelin’ proud! got a gpa of 3.57 and made my way onto honor roll! Thitd good day this week, i’m on a roll! lol, tuesday was something else though. I felt like a deer in the headlight! Ms. hatley had sooo much attention and seemed well recieved! I am proud of all of us for making it the far and im reddy for class! later bloggs!

First day back in school. 1 more month till I’m out!

So spring vreak just ended and my jas it been eventful! I became a god uncle of a newborn, was hauled outta the dmv area and can’t catch a break in english and history! my vice principal emailed me asib for essays! It’s whatever now since I finished them, and I have good news! Skateboard app is comming together! I should have a presentable part for next class! on my way to the station so later bloggs!