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Amazon Kindle

Today was the first time I was able to use the Amazon Kindle app on my phone. I have to take a test on a book, so my mom brought the book using Amazon Kindle. Buying it from Amazon Kindle was better than ordering the book because it gave me more time to study the book, and also we didn’t have to wait for it to be shiped. Using Amazon Kindle was cool, and I may start using it to get other books that I may want or need in the future.

bout to eat……. idea on app

I think maybe we can make an app, which would be for middle schoolers. that is a virtual meal maker. i got this idea because i was watching a food channel and a commercial came up on the new HTC android. This sparked my imagination, and made my mind venture off into a world of food and phones. I have not found a name for it but, i just know it is a great app idea in the making. You would be able to design your own meal, and the phone would rate your meal on different cattegories, such as presentation, or taste. Its just a raw idea but i should have ellaborated on it by tomorow’s class. The first meal i would make is sushi, which by the way is my favorite food.

Couldn’t come to class

This week i been of task, i have done the assignment and blogged because i had a death in the family and also went down to virgina. Another thing that is my team has lost the superbowl so that’s two really bad things that happen this weekend. Im sorry to ms.Leshell, mr.Marco and the class. I couldnt make it today because didnt have time to catch  the metro. I am coming on thursday ready to work & prepared.

Making apps…

I am starting to get really interested in creating apps. I appriciate the fact that us African-Americans have the well appriciated oppurtunity to learn how to make apps. I think that making apps is a great way to put myself some were productive. App making can look really good on my reseame when i am trying to get a job.