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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so want to know what’s been going on huh? Well I’ve just been busy with various things, such as school work, festivals, and packing. I’ve had fun, I haven’t been to the class since last week I believe, so hopefully I get to come and see everyone next week. I’m done with my app all I need to do now is add a simple text to it and wala. Talk to you guys later !


I know I haven’t blogged in a while, sorry. I’ve been busy with school work and other events that has been really tiring. Aside all of  that, I had a pretty good day, class was awesome as usual. The class ate pizza and afterwards discussed everyones algorithms. We also had another talk about app inventor just so everyone would be 50/50 on how to use it properly. Hopefully i’ll have my app fully done by next week.

The Wendsday Chill

Today I didn’t really do much but work on my page that I’ve currently posted and trying to finish the document Miss Leshell would like everyone to finish. I’ve been busy with other stuff and tired, so since practically nothing is going on today i’m going to finish up the things Miss Leshell wants everyone to do. I saw some of the class students pages, very nice.

Black girls….. gaming? Pishhh… that’s an everyday thing.

So I read the article I find in my email amd all I can say is what black girls is she talking about? Nine of ten of my black women and girls whom I call friends are all gamers or tekkies for life. Three of my closest girl friends can put me to shames in almost any game I play! Sure half my school is made of g irls eho dont care but if ur lookin fir the reall geeks try lookin in better places lije the library.