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My phone has been acting kind of slow recentley, so i set it down and did not touch it or worry about it. I just thought that maybe if i dont use it for a little while, it will show up with some posotive feedback. I checked it and now it is actually working. So thats all i wanted to say about my phone, oh and also for those of you looking for a way to download music, there is a free app called music downloader or something like that. I have downloaded music from artists like Jay Electronica, J Cole, and the Mighty Mos Def. I listen to this music alot, but most of the time I am doing homework. Speaking of homework I am about to leave to go to school shortly so I hope you enjoyed my blog.



Mos def is the best

J cole got da flow and skills

Jay Elec. is next

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the new phone


The new phone is kind of cool it allows you to go on the internet ,download apps, call  people, play games, ect.  At first I thought the phone would be boring and I wouldn’t really get to do any thing but when they gave us the phones i didn’t know that it was a touch screen so that was kind of fun. After that I took the phone home and because they told us that  we could download free apps i downloaded almost all of the apps off of the android market i have to get a bigger SD card.



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