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Class was great. I finally finished my app and made some changes based off of suggestions. Unfortunately i ran into technical difficulties and couldn’t let Ms.Leshell test it. However, i will submit it as soon as I can.

Next class looks promising due to the radio interview and talk about patents. Looking forward to it….

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Last class

Hello enthusiastic readers! Last class was good. We went over some app tutorials after announcements were made. Among the announcements were more details about the upcoming interview with The Black Enterprise magazine. I’m really excited for this!

I’m nearly done my app. I just have to do some finishing touches and I’m done.

So thats pretty much all I have. Later readers……


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Class Today

At the beginning of the class, Ms.Leshell made a few announcements. Then we jumped into app inventor. Soon, the food arrived. We had some turkey sandwiches and juice. It was a welcome change compared to pizza.

Mr.Marco gave me and Muhammad some ideas to make an app better, and much easier to create and manage. I plan on finding a way to add the additions to the app. We then packed up and left.

Looking forward to next class….

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Hey you all i have started on my app, it is going well. I do not know what to call this app but it should be cool. I think it will appeal to those who like clothes and shoes. But not just any clothers and shoes, i’m talking about h&m, or ralph lauren polo, or levis jeans, or zara jackets. These are pretty much all of the styles that us young washingtonians like shop for. So watch out for my new app.

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Last day of the conference

Today was sort of our relax day in California. We explored Long Beach today. We were on a hunt for a clothing store in the area. Unfortunately we couldnt find one, so we just brought some ice cream. At the end of the conference, I had to speak about the app that we made. I went through my mind about what I was going to say. As soon as I stood up, I forgot everything. I don’t have experience talking to a large audience without a script, so I’m not that down about it. I just need more practice. Anyway I had an amazing time. I can’t wait for class Tuesday.