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Last day of the conference

Today was sort of our relax day in California. We explored Long Beach today. We were on a hunt for a clothing store in the area. Unfortunately we couldnt find one, so we just brought some ice cream. At the end of the conference, I had to speak about the app that we made. I went through my mind about what I was going to say. As soon as I stood up, I forgot everything. I don’t have experience talking to a large audience without a script, so I’m not that down about it. I just need more practice. Anyway I had an amazing time. I can’t wait for class Tuesday.

1st day of conference

This conference has been really cool so far. Early in the day there were various workshops. I attended the workshop called “Real World Games.” It was about designing better games and games where people can get something out of it such as making more nutritional meals for foods drives. This workshop gave me another way to look at making games and make them more interesting.

We had a challenge to develop an app from an idea submitted by attendees and finish it before the conference was over. I know that I’m going to have fun already. I’m looking forward to the ideas submitted and can’t wait to get started.

Angry Birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got angry birds to work!!!!!!!!!!! I know it isn’t the best thing but i have been wonderin why i just could not have this game. turns out it needs like 5 min to load….. but the game works okay  after it loads in its entirety. On another note my brain feels fried from all the questions on the pre test, I really gotta study that. I want to be able to look back and my work and feel extra proud of the difference between now and the future. Ok so i will be writing an algorithm today because now i feel a bit more confident in my ability to draw it out.

later bloggs!~

Saving battery power 1% at a time

Hey all whom read my posts i’m feelin great on a thursday morning on my way to school and I open my browser only to see my rdpress login as my home page. beautiful. luckily I have service to some.extent on the train so it is possible for me to make a blog. I think the idea I had the otherday worked out! well a thought I had last night was on savin battery because no one likes a dead battery. Everone has the powerbtool bar right? well turn EVERYTHING OFF. none of then affect your internet service or normal phone usage. my idea for the say is done! now.time for school…. ugh….

Ugh math homework……

Trying to get math homework done is never fun so in the mean time I am definitely going to post. Ok so last night i got bored with another subject and kinda put it down for later. When i did i went to my computer and gave an attempt at the google app maker again. I really don’t know what im doin wrong  but for some reason the program is not running at all and its making me feel really special with a picture of a cats face and a meow mp3 on my desktop.  I know i should know how to trubleshoot this but right now my brain doesnt want to. I’m sure i’ll get it going somehow I know I  am better than this google app maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!   😛 lol laterz