Today’s Class (Feb.15.2011)

Today’s class wash pretty cool. I got there when everyone was in the eating area eating pizza. I had 4 cheese and pizza and a another spice i think it was a Philly cheese steak topping. The pizza was alright but i didn’t like the second choice. To drink i had a Coke, my favorite […]

Okay maybe it is harder than I thought…

Today the class seemed kind of empty. There were very few of us there but that made the Dominos Pizza last that much longer. On the actual programming end, today’s assignment seemed like it was just going to get us thinking when it Ms. Leshell put it on the board. Actually, it got me thinking […]

Advanced scratch programming

Class was really fun today. I really enjoy programming and that made this class exciting. We had to make a program that basicly randomly chooses a mood and displays it to the user. The hardest part of making this program is dealing with fact that in scratch you only have one screen, so we had […]