First Full Year of Youth APPLab Now Complete! The result? A HUGE SUCCESS!!!

This past Friday was the last day of Youth APPLab internships, and the last day of the first full year of Youth APPLab. The day was filled with XBox 360 (what better way to celebrate), bragging about completed apps, and anticipation for what is to come in year two!


Hey you all i have started on my app, it is going well. I do not know what to call this app but it should be cool. I think it will appeal to those who like clothes and shoes. But not just any clothers and shoes, i’m talking about h&m, or ralph lauren polo, or […]

Today’s class

I feel like I accomplished alot today in class. After hearing Yusra’s explanation of broadcasts, the Mock App program seemed much easier, and after “painting” most of the screens things just fell into place. After seeing that App Inventor was so close to Scratch, it got me very optimistic about programming.I feel like I said […]