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Change of idea

Some of you may know about my app, ForgetMeNots.  Well after an incomplete series of technical difficulties, I’ve decided that ForgetMeNots would be too much work for my given time frame. Instead I’m working on a much easier and quicker app that I’m calling the AI Tutorial. It’s going to be an app that teaches users how to use App Inventor. It’s going to include my previous app, teaching users how to use multiple screens, as a section. The overall skeleton of the app is complete. Now I just need to throw in some pictures and dress it up a bit and it should be ready for the market. That’s it so far but I may change some stuff around a bit.


App Design Boys High School Programming Students

It’s been a while

I should’ve blogged more often, I know. In the past week I’ve gone through almost the whole SDLC with my app. I had a coding issue that kept me from testing the app for like a week, so when I finally fixed it most of the code was still prototype. When I first tested it, everything appeared to work just fine, except for a bit of code I had sliced out. I was so excited. Further testing revealed a big problem. If I can fix this problem before our deadline the app will be finished. If not I’ll have to resort to Plan B.

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Goals for today

My goals for today is to finish these screens and finish the history of the brands since I dont have school today I can proably be finish around 2 or 3. I was researching yesterday in the lab now all I have to do is put the piece to the puzzle should be a piece a cake but the hard part is finding the release date for a brand that I dont really wear. But for me its kind fun research and learning more shoes since I like shoes so I wont be bored while im doing this so on my way to work hahahah.

App Design Blog Boys High School Mobile Phone Students Thoughts about Class


In this class, we had set goals. The goals were basically features that we needed to add to our apps. I think this way of setting goals is a good way to add features to our apps. When you have one simple goal to work on, it makes it a much easier to work on our apps.

Next class…

App Design Blog Boys High School Mobile Phone Students

Algorithms for our apps…

Today, we went over the algorithms for our apps. We listed every component of our apps, then started to describe its function. This is really useful. When we start coding our apps, we can look back to the algorithm to guide us through coding. I feel this is really useful when compared to just blindly coding. This way you have some kind of guidline to follow.

Looking forward to next class…..