Last Day! :(

As the long nine months has come to an end, I can PROUDLY say, I created an app! My app is totally finished. Youth APPLab was a great experience and showed me alot about myself. Ive learned to not procrastinate, and that when you are dedicated and determined you can do it! I feel honored […]

Last Minute Change

On Thursday, I over heard Ms. Leshell and Bryant talking about his app. They were talking about the list picker tutorial. I decided to change my app to have the parts of the body listed and you click on the part you would like information on. After clicking the name of the body part you […]

Starting Over

On Tuesday, I decided to start a new app. The reason I started a new app is because the app I orignally started on was too complex and I wouldnt be able to finish by the due date ( June 15th ) The new app is a child-friendly parts of the body app. In this […]

Starting on the app

Today, Djani and I worked on our app. The name of our app is “Famous and Infamous Quotes” In our app, there will be several lists of quotes from several different people. ┬áIn the app the user will be able to pick the topic in which they would like to read a quote on, or […]