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I have this sick app im going to make as soon as I can fix my network issues at home. This app was inspired by a young classmates and his love stories. Now the real work comes into designing my app before I even get on app inventor. Organizing my thoughts and ideas in doing so will not only speed up the process of making the actual app on app inventor, but it will also increase its efficiancy and its quality. From what I have seen in the tutorials and actually trying a tutorial myself app inventor is very much like scratch. Its putting pieces of a puzzle together and connecting pieces that will enable the app to run smoothly. It differs in its set up and features tho, by that I mean the more complex the features the more detailed the app maker must show in the coding of the app.



First day blogging. I personally do not like blogging because for the most part people online enjoy to speak there mind. Most of the time they spend their time blogging negatively on subjects that do not matter. People also enjoy bullying on the web and enjoy creating alter egos to escape the real world, which posetively could help everyone else. I do not think blogging is all bad though. It can be comic relief and take some stress away, but for the most part from experience it has brought more stress on people. In this context bloging will be helpfull because ideas will be shared through so and help all open their minds, or at leats i hope so.