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GO Greeeeeeen

today we went to Bread for the City to present our app project to the employees. They really liked it and i think they want us to carry out with the task. I think it was cool because we are young children in a real adult type meeting.

app class

Ms Leshell today was upset at us because only two of us actually did 3 tutorials. I did one, but obviosly that was not enough. The two people who did the 3 tutorials were Hamza, and his little brother, Muhammad. I think that i am just going to do every assignment they assign so i won’t get in trouble. I am a little upset in myself, because i could have done better. I can understand why Ms. Leshell has been getting mad at us because shes doing her part but we are not doing ours.


I have decided to name all of my posts swagg, because i want them to be different. I don’t think i am interfering with the rules of youth app lab because Ms. Leshell did not tell me i could not name them swagg. Swagg is like my middle name rite now. So, other than that I have no new info i feel happy today, but i don’t think i want to share that reason with the public right now.


Hey you all i have started on my app, it is going well. I do not know what to call this app but it should be cool. I think it will appeal to those who like clothes and shoes. But not just any clothers and shoes, i’m talking about h&m, or ralph lauren polo, or levis jeans, or zara jackets. These are pretty much all of the styles that us young washingtonians like shop for. So watch out for my new app.

bout to eat……. idea on app

I think maybe we can make an app, which would be for middle schoolers. that is a virtual meal maker. i got this idea because i was watching a food channel and a commercial came up on the new HTC android. This sparked my imagination, and made my mind venture off into a world of food and phones. I have not found a name for it but, i just know it is a great app idea in the making. You would be able to design your own meal, and the phone would rate your meal on different cattegories, such as presentation, or taste. Its just a raw idea but i should have ellaborated on it by tomorow’s class. The first meal i would make is sushi, which by the way is my favorite food.