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The Warm Up App

The Warm-Up App is an App I created after hearing that doing a few math problems in the morning before you start your day will improve the performance of your brain.  This app took me three days to make.  The end product was an App that with the press of button created a warm-up question to do in the morning, before you take a test or any other time you need to warm up your brain!  All the questions are math questions of either multiplication, division, subtraction or addition.  The App also checks the the answer, gives you the answer if you can’t figure it out and gives you a space to work the problem out. 

What’s New

I am now pretty much done with designing my app and am sadly still working on my tutorials for app inventor.  By the time I am completely done with my app design I want to have all my tutorials finished… hopefully.

Ms.Leshell gave me my phone!!! I am soooooo pressed! I also downloaded the most addicting game: Toss it!

Toss it is a game with several levels of simply throwing a paper ball into a trash can but there is a fan, a moving trash can and a discouraging lady yelling things at you in the background! you should download it too! lol

I am so excited!!!

I’m starting to learn how to use app inventor which is really cool!!!  Now I feel like I’m getting the full app making experience!!!

Now there’s only one thing thats bothering me… my internet connection.  My internet connection always shows at the upper right hand corner of the screen saying connection established, five minutes later, disconnected, five minutes late, connection established, 30 seconds later… disconnected.  So as you can see this can be a very bothering thing.  It was so bothering I called the computer “wishy washy” and across from me Afia confronted me on how I look so crazy talking to my computer… I can’t argue!!!!

Hi, Im New!!!!!

My name is Faith and I just joined youth app lab!!!!!  I’m trying to catch up because I joined late and its working out so far.  The stuff we learn is really interesting.  Today I learned about the binary system.  I think that is so cool!!! One day I will be able to translate it by heart… kind of. lol

Today at app class i had barbeque pizza.  For everyone that hasn’t tried it because you never heard of it, think it looks “nasty”, ect… You are missing out and you have to try it!!!!!!!! omg

Also my computer will not turn on!!!!!!  I mean, it turns but then it loads to this page that says things like “Please wait while system processing” and “battery check…done”.  That done kills me because it really isn’t!  My computer loaded for the rest of class!!!  It’s a lier!!!!!!!!!!! grr