The Warm Up App

The Warm-Up App is an App I created after hearing that doing a few math problems in the morning before you start your day will improve the performance of your brain.  This app took me three days to make.  The end product was an App that with the press of button created a warm-up question […]

What’s New

I am now pretty much done with designing my app and am sadly still working on my tutorials for app inventor.  By the time I am completely done with my app design I want to have all my tutorials finished… hopefully. Ms.Leshell gave me my phone!!! I am soooooo pressed! I also downloaded the most […]

I am so excited!!!

I’m starting to learn how to use app inventor which is really cool!!!  Now I feel like I’m getting the full app making experience!!! Now there’s only one thing thats bothering me… my internet connection.  My internet connection always shows at the upper right hand corner of the screen saying connection established, five minutes later, […]