Yusra | 15 | United States I’ve been a YouthAppLab participant for about , hmm, 5 – 6 months now? It’s been fun learning to program apps and learning different programming terms. I have learned a lot, for example I was at a different programing event and we had to read a problem and solve […]

Yusra’s 6th YouthLab Experience

Today we tried out a program called Sratch, it was alright. It’s not exactly what I expected, the Alice program was way better. I say that because on Scratch the characters hardly look like they’re actually walking or doing anything, but it was a fun experience to be there at/in the class with everyone. For […]

Yusra’s 5th APPLab Day

   Well, today was a pretty interesting day. I came to the class with the expectation of developing new ideas for our (my team) Game Informer app we plan to design sometime next year. Also, I thought I’d have to do a presentation in front of the class with Hamza (one of my team mates) […]


November.18.2010 Today was pretty cool, I learned more about storage, computer processors, and binary. The night before I went to sleep late so it was I was kind of tired threw out the rest of the day. I made it through and I’m going to try and sleep earlier. Ha. That’s pretty much all i have on […]