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Last class for Youth APPLab

The last class for Youth APPLab, Thursday June 23 was probably my most memorable because it was the last class and after it ends nothing will be the same until the summer program starts. This experience on everybody was life changing and I wish I had more time to work with my classmates and better my understanding of the programs we used and didn’t get to. I know most people would agree that this class was and still is fun but there are some days that we have to be serious but even then it was still fun or it still will be fun because of the people involved in the program and how we go about it. Ms. Leshell and Mr. Marco are awesome teachers and they know a lot in the App field and to be able to learn  from them is a privilege. Though some people had some doubts on Mr. Marco’s occupation (they thought he was a spy) it was still fun to ponder on that and I still think people believe that. The volunteers helped as well in providing me with more knowledge as to what to do. All my classmates also helped though we had our moments where we put each other down or envied each other but it was in a crazy, funny way that always gave off a good vibe. We all got along there was no “beef” or issues between people there and we all had our own perspectives of the class, but mine is (special). I always had a technical problem on a regular basis, Ms. Leshell can disagree with that most times but it reigned true recently when it showed off its “special ways”. For instance the sound cut off for a good hour and I asked Afia ( she usually helped me with concepts I didn’t completely get in App Inventor if Ms. Leshell was helping somebody else out. ) if she could fix it and she tried but to no avail. Then I called Ms. Leshell when she had finished helping the person she had worked with while Afia helped me and that didn’t work either, until I closed out everything and opened it all back up again that the sound started to work but  I had tried multiple times before it really began to work. Also with my computer one of the speakers blew on my headphones I used to use, (so being the “special” computer it is ), the speaker that blew on my headphones, on that side, the computer started to vocalize whatever I was listening to at that moment. So strangely my computer plays music from the left speaker when a headphone jack is in and on headphones it has to play on the right otherwise people will hear whatever I am hearing at the moment.

P.S. I will probably add to this just not at the moment so if anybody asks if this is all I wrote, say “not for long”.

P.S.S. DUSCES!!! PEACE!!! ABOVE THE INFLUENCE!!! YELLOW 🙂 (SMILEY FACE)!!! LOL!!! ROFL!!! HAGS!!! LLLCFFPP!!!!!!!!! (laugh out loud, rolling on [the] floor laughing, have a great summer, and LAUGHING LIKE LAZY CRAZY FEELING FAT PROCRASTINATING PEOPLE!!!)

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