Monthly Archives: May 2011

It’s been a while

I should’ve blogged more often, I know. In the past week I’ve gone through almost the whole SDLC with my app. I had a coding issue that kept me from testing the app for like a week, so when I finally fixed it most of the code was still prototype. When I first tested it, everything appeared to work just fine, except for a bit of code I had sliced out. I was so excited. Further testing revealed a big problem. If I can fix this problem before our deadline the app will be finished. If not I’ll have to resort to Plan B.

An Android Device That Rivals the Ipod Touch

As a young kid, we want smartphones but aren’t able to get them for whatever reason, most commonly the cost and the yearly contracts. Even older people want cool techonlogy without having to pay monthly bills. That’s where devices like the Ipod Touch comes in. It has all the features of it’s smartphone “brother” except for being able to connect to the internet unless you use wi-fi. Unfortunately Android doesn’t have a device that gives you all of the features of it’s smartphones with wi-fi only internet access and is as small as a smartphone. That was before the Samsung Galaxy Players were announced. They come in two different screen sizes, one 4 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0, and another 5 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. They both have similar specs, but the 5 inch version has a flash. These devices are part of the Galaxy S family of smartphones provided by Samsung. These smartphones are known for their great displays, speed, weight and design. Personally, I would love to have this device when it’s available. It has Android 2.2(planned upgrade to 2.3) and is powered by a 1ghz Snapdragon processor that allows it to run the currently and newly available hardware intensive apps and games. And, to top it off, it has a front facing camera for video chat. I can’t wait for this device to ship…


Goal for the week

Yesterday deanna and i made our goal for the week.  We are going to finish the english portion of our app by the end of the week.  We are making more progress than I thought we would.


Goals for today

My goals for today is to finish these screens and finish the history of the brands since I dont have school today I can proably be finish around 2 or 3. I was researching yesterday in the lab now all I have to do is put the piece to the puzzle should be a piece a cake but the hard part is finding the release date for a brand that I dont really wear. But for me its kind fun research and learning more shoes since I like shoes so I wont be bored while im doing this so on my way to work hahahah.