Hello readers! After being in this competition that was really draining, but worthwile as I won an internship, I didn’t have the energy to blog. After my week long rest, here is my return. I miss blogging and I’m ready to get back in to it! Whew, so where do I start?

Ok, Black Enterprise TV came to Howard to film us doing various projects and to interview us. They filmed some of our class which was on SDLC, or the Software Development Life Cycle. After class was over, some students were filmed building nxt robots. Muhammad, Yusra, and I were filmed demonstrating the app I developed to control the robot. We introduced ourselves, then described the app. The app controlls the robot to move. They filmed the robot as Muhammad and I drove it around. The whole experience was fun.

There was an FCC event that unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend due to the competition I had. I heard this was amazing and wish I was able to attend.

We had a interview for the Michael Eric Dyson show. It was my first time in a studio. Yusra (friend), Muhammad (brother), Ali (brother), Hafsa (sister), Alitalia (mother), Ms.Leshell, and I were in the studio. Yusra and Ms.Leshell were given the mic. They both were asked questions about Youth AppLab in general and some specific questions were directed to Yusra because she is a student. Overall, we had a good time. It was an amazing experience.

We took last week’s Thursday class off for break. We were given assignments via email.

I’m ready to get back in to it! I can’t wait for class today, and I will blog about it tonight.


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