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Black Girl Gamers Article…

In the article forwarded to this post she is saying that by introducing the future black women to gaming you could change how they look at technology because the black girls at this day and age on average have no idea how to do most of the things in everyday life involving technology. For example, they might not know where to plug in their cable for the XBOX 360 visual and every time they want something done involving technology the ask their man to do it for them. By introducing them to technology they will also have a new interest and now that technology is evolving they need their own form of evolution through exposure to technology but in particular gaming. This exposure could produce more black women in the field of gaming and in this field you get paid a lot seeing as though most parents want their black daughter to go into nursing or law which is more practical. This evolution would produce even more interest in technology overall which would introduce new information that your average black women wouldn’t know but might be interested in. All of these things and more just give you more incentive to let your black daughter try these new experiences you were unfamiliar with and let her try her luck at the world of gaming and technology that lies in front of her.

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No not necessarily because overall my family is very inviting of what they do in the video game realm and try to get everybody into it but some of the people I am around have trouble with cords and setting up and how to use the controller and so on but my family tries hard to teach them what they need to know when they need it and my dad and stepmom are great with technology overall because they both work with a lot of computers, cameras, video programs and so on. When it comes to gaming though my dad is pretty good and my stepmom was awesome at the old games but when the controllers got more complex she turned in the towel but now we are teaching her slowly about what does what again.

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