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Today in class we went over the SDLC again, but with a few additions to the life cycle, such as purpose and prototype. In the middle of Ms. Leshell’s explanation, Mr. Marco had returned with the pizza, and for the first time ever, we didn’t immediately stop to get to the food. Ms. Leshell just continued explaining the life cycle, with Mr. Marco eating chicken in the background, just making the students hungrier. Eventually Ms. Leshell finished the life cycle and we got to eat. Towards the end of class I went back to working on my app. I ended up staying an hour late just coding. I can’t say much but I finished programming the password feature on the app and part of the way into the next feature. I might be able to make multiple apps before the program is over.

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Nate, I am so proud and thrilled by your progress and can’t wait to see your final app.

I hope you can share it during tomorrow’s event as well, if you can make it.


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