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Probably should work on my procrastinating…

Just to tell how bad my procrastination has been, this is my first blog since before the break. I’ve occasionally come on and checked posts but haven’t actually blogged in a while. Having a winter break packet didn’t help, in fact I may have I did a lot of procrastinating there as well. I tried the engadget app on one of my friends’ phones because for some reason, whenever I try to search something in the app store from the class phone, it says there was a network error.

From what I could tell in the time I could use it, Engadget is just a feed of news going on in the technological world. It has articles on everything from phones to consoles to even cars. I like that it let’s you search for and bookmark articles that interest you. I believe the reason Ms. Leshell wanted us to get this app because it keeps us up to date with technology and it’s biggest names. It’s also beneficial to know what someone may have just invented and and even sold.

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