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Oh look Fridays’s Here

Grr, the wordpress blog sites not working for me…..something always has to come up lol; guess i’ll be using the android phone to blog again, not that its a problem. Anyways….. I’m kinda glad that the weekend is finally here. I plan on just relaxing tonight, since I’m usually really tired when I get home at the end of my day. I’m playing on staying on youtube for a while then watch some movie idk. This weekend I plan on getting a couple of assignments done; itll be one step closer to finishing up for good. Also try to get rid of this cold I have; sucks being sick.
Heh. I usually enjoy my weekends so yeah. Hope you all do the same. Peace ツ

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lol, no it wasn’t me. You said someone on that Tuesday was coughing and gave you a cold. I made sure I didnt cough in class that day. But someone on the right side of the class was coughing. It wasn’t me c:

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