My Saturday

I think I had learned a lot today. This morning I went to Kenmoor  Middle School, because they had workshops on technology. The one me and my brother went to was called the Imagine Cup. The Imagine Cup was a contest hosted by Microsoft where you would have to create a game that relates to helping the world with the problems today, such as poverty, hunger and etc. Today he was just telling us more about the project, and he showed us the last years winners game. The speaker has made a game that helps children with asthma. It helps children make choices that would help children with asthma and what to stay away from such as dust, and certain pillows that would trigger there allergies. That game was said to had dropped the amounts of asthma attacks. Also he said that the cellphones that we have today, are more powerful than what the astronauts used when the first man walked on the moon in 1969. So I learned a lot today. Hopefully next week I get to start working on a game!

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