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money made shoveling. oh and lots of SCRATCHing too!

shoveling snow like a slave

Hello all. C’est moi! Another blog and my goodness im tored as all things ocerworked, mentally and physically. I spent most of the morning,working on the scratch-ulator and I cannot say it was the easiest. then off to the snow like a slave, the worst! But I have an awesome laptop in class to look forward to so I can’t complain. Now I gotta fix my scratch program for this math problem. gotta come up with somethin fast. Later blogs!

One reply on “money made shoveling. oh and lots of SCRATCHing too!”

I don’t remember anything wrong with your Scratch program. Or have I merely forgotten my comments to you already!?! 🙂

Well, I admire your perseverance regarding. Continue SCRATCHing! 🙂

More to come next week!

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