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I missed class. this is problematic…

hello all who read my blog post, been some time and now i’m in trouble. First, I didnt keep up with my own resolution, now I missed class…… WHAT IS THE WORLD COMMIN TO! so I don’t feel too great about either of those things but I have an answer and a solution for both situations. this is somethin I think everyone should do, make wordpress your homepage on your droid. not only will it be the first thing you see when you open your browser but you will be less likely to loose your idea. I missed class because I didnt have school and had assumed that the ice would prevent class. being as smart as I am I forgot that if we were out ms. hatley would have messaged us. (•°•)< my genious face. Since missin cclass isnt helpful to me or the group I was wondering if anyone would like to fill me in on class? thanks in advance!

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