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Fun class today

Today’s class was fun. We went over some programming principles in depth. At first, we had no idea about the power of Scratch, but today Ms.Leshell showed us a game that was made from scratch using Scratch. We were able to look at all the source code that made the game run. Ms.Leshell guided us through the various sections of code that the creaters of the game coded while explaining the code. That was really cool!

We went over some of the things to think about when making a program in an exercise by picking a teammate and building a bridge out of 5 newspapers and a strip of tape that was Mr.Marco’s arm length. We were then given 20 minutes to build the tallest bridge that could stand for 10 seconds. We gained experience in working with a partner to solve a goal with limited resources and a time limit. This experience is extremely important when it is time to work with someone out in the field for a job. I’m really looking forward to next class!


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