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Two Full Weeks with Android Phones

Just two weeks after students received their android phones, this post asks them some interesting questions. I can’t wait to see how they answer them.

So, it’s been exactly two weeks since everyone in class was given Cricket Ascend Android phones.  I’ve heard and read about a huge range of thoughts and was happy to read student app reviews.  I’d now like to ask a few questions and get everyone thinking about your own app ideas.  I’m delighted to know that some of you have been thinking on your own outside of class assignments.   You guys rock!

Over the next few days/weeks, I’d like everyone to answer a set of questions here, as a comment to this blog post, and a few more you can answer individually in your own blog posts.  Some of these questions are easy to answer, while others will require some reflection.

If you have questions about any of this, please be sure to ask me and/or Mr. Marco soon!

Have fun with the reflections and answers to these questions!

-Ms. Leshell

QUESTIONS TO ANSWER HERE (via comments to this post):

1.  How many apps have you installed on your phone?

2.  How many apps have you checked out and uninstalled?  If you’ve uninstalled any apps, why?

3.  What is your favorite app so far and why?

QUESTIONS TO ANSWER IN YOUR OWN POSTS/Google Document (be sure to review the links as well):

1.  What does it feel like to be a thumb away from the internet and a huge selection of apps that you choose to install and use?

2.  Cell phones are the only way some people have access to the internet.  Research shows that African-Americans and Latinos use the web via mobile phones more than others.  Now that you’ve lived with these devices for two weeks, is there any particular app that you think is needed?  Describe it in a blog or google docs (so no one reading can take your ideas).

3.  Read everyone’s blog post/answer to the above question (#2) and pick someone to work with over the next several weeks.  Your task is to use Google docs to work on a the design of a new app.

4.  Try the ‘Engadget’ app and write a review about it.  Share your thoughts on why you think I have assigned this particular app to review and what is beneficial about it, especially as a Youth APPLab student.

By Leshell - Head Instructor

Leshell Hatley is the Founder of Uplift, Inc., the nonprofit that submitted Youth APPLab for the DML Competition.

9 replies on “Two Full Weeks with Android Phones”

On the cricket device I have installed 15 apps.

Of the fifteen I have uninstalled 3 apps for various reasons. One being obvious and large flaws in the UI.

So far my favorite app would be the Thinking Space app. It’s helped me organize and dissect many of the strange ideas that pop up in my head.

I’ve downloaded 22 apps on my Ascend.

I’ve uninstalled 2 of the 22 apps because it made my phone act up. With those 2 apps installed, every time I went to the menu to add widgets, the launcher force closed. Once I uninstalled the apps, it worked normally.

My favorite app so far is SmartBar. It gives me quick access to all of the apps and settings that I need and use all the time, and has even more functions.

well so far i have downloaded 24 apps and uninstalled 3. angry birds was the first to go….. idk why it just won’t work! and the other 2 kept making me force close so i gave em the boot. My favorite app so far still has to be the Alchemy app… so far i have made over 230 items with no cheat sheet just pure dragging and thought.

I’ve downloaded about 16 apps, 7 of them were themes the rest weren’t. I deleted some, most of the themes because I didn’t like them anymore. Of the apps that weren’t themes my two favorites app would have to be the “G4” app and the “MagicMaker” app. The G4 app is basically updates on video games that were announced on the actual tv show. And the MagicMaker app is just an app where you can draw on the blank black screen with different types of neon colors. Oh and the app has been my best bud when it comes so words I don’t know lately so I like that one, but I’m sure everyones tried that one.

I have installed 23 apps.
I have uninstaleed 2. Those 2 are angry birds, and angry birds seasons. T did this because they do not work it’s just the sound.
Music downloader is my favorite app so far because it allows me to download any app for free.

So far i have 39 apps, i haven’t uninstalled any apps but i will eventually ,my favorite applications are phit droid, classic simon, pong and space buster 3d lite and they are because they are either interesting, entertaining, or they stimulate the mind

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