My Phone Experience

When I first received the new Huewai Asccend that was handed out to everyone in class, I admit, I was pretty excited. I was mainly excited because the Ascend is actually the first touch screen phone that I’ve ever had or used. Also, I thought it was pretty funny how Mrs.Leshell and Mr. Marco had everyone go to the Cricket site, pick out one of the two android phone there, making it seem like we were going to get them sometime the week after, then had everyone turn around and there Marco and Leshell were carrying the Ascends in boxes for us. I was really looking forward to trying the phone out.
It didn’t take long for me to adjust to the new phone, the only thing that was hard and still is, is typing with the touch screen keyboard. I’m still trying to figure out the tricks and proper ways to use it; maybe it’s just me. I’m use to my qwerty keyboard BlackBerry, but i’ll get the hang of it one of these days. Other than me not knowing how to properly type with the Ascend, the phone is amazingly awesome.
I’m not sure how many applications I’ve downloaded on the phone, but I know it wasn’t many. Most of the apps I installed were either themes or games. The night I received the phone I was browsing the Android Market and came across a app for WordPress, I didn’t really think anything of it, until the day after I was recommended to download it. I definitely do think the WordPress application would make it easier for everyone to blog straight from their phones directly to the web site. Though, I don’t see myself typing out a fifteen or an hour blog on the Ascend’s touch screen keyboard. The fifteen minutes would turn into thirty minutes and that hour would turn into three hours, and that would be pretty inconvenient. I’ll keep the typing for my blogs on my BlackBerry and computer.

~Thank you Mrs.Leshell and Mr.Marco for the gifts, they are very much appreciated. You guys are awesome, and I enjoy being at your classes.

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