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My new phone


Because I’m already acquainted with android, I knew where to start. The first thing that I did was add my email address to my new phone, the Ascend. The next thing that I did was install google voice. After that, I installed Facebook. I then changed the ringtone and background. From there I played around with the phone’s features.

As I mentioned before, I’m used to android. I have A Motorola CLIQ. That is my first android phone. It is an amazing phone, considering that it is a first generation android phone. That means that some features that are available to newer phones aren’t available on my cliq. One feature in particular is live wallpapers. This is probably my second favorite new feature that I was able to play with on the Ascend. My favorite is Swype. I typed these paragraphs with Swype. Swype makes typing fast and fun.

I found an app for wordpress. It allows users to blog directly to the youthapplab website from their phone. It will also allow us to upload our photos and videos easier than having to copy it from the phone and onto the computer. The only set back with the app is that I can’t view other students’s posts. For that, I have to use the browser. Even with that minor set back, it makes blogging much easier and fun!

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