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LauncherPro App Review

Are you tired of your slow launcher(home screen)? Do you want a launcher with some customization? You should definitely check out LauncherPro.

LauncherPro is a launcher(homescreen) that you can download to replace your original launcher. It claims to have faster scrolling, an option for a 3d drawer, 7 homescreen support, and animated screen previews. From my experience it does all of that. It is faster than the original launcher. It loads up quickly. It has a 3d drawer. It has support for 7 home screens. The screen previews animate in a cool way. I’ve installed this launcher on both of my android phones. There are other similar launchers, ADW.Launcher, and other not so similar launchers, Home++ and Slidescreen, but this one is simple, fast, and customizable. It doesn’t have extreme customization like themes and other stuff, like ADW.Launcher, but it is slightly faster. If you want a simple and fast launcher, check out LauncherPro. If you want themes and a lot of customization, but with a slight impact on speed(even though its still faster than the original launcher), check out ADW.Launcher.

Rating:8/10 It gets a 8 because of the slight lack of customization.

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